mihmo (mihmo) wrote,

Fedora 10 Artwork Round 2 Deadline

Hi folks,

The deadline for round 2 of the Fedora 10 artwork process is 1 September 2008.
Work done for round 2 must be associated with one of the concepts that were proposed in round 1.

If you'd like your favorite F10 theme proposal to make it through round 3, you must have the following 4 pieces of artwork completed and uploaded to your proposal's wiki page:

  • At least 1 wallpaper draft design

  • At least 1 vertically-long piece of supporting artwork (for example, a draft firstboot graphic)

  • At least 1 horizontally-long piece of supporting artwork (for example, a draft anaconda banner graphic)

  • At least 1 square-ish piece of artwork (for example, the gnome splash or the firstboot/anaconda splashes)

Not sure what theme proposals are available to work on or want to learn more about how our artwork process works? Check out:


This is a great opportunity to get artwork you worked on in a very popular Linux distro! So let's get moving!! :)
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